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Charlotte O'Connor is set to release the single Addicted via Drop In Music help. This will be the first single taken from Charlotte's forthcoming as yet untitled EP, set for a late summer/early autumn release. Having released her debut album ‘For Kenny' in March of 2012, Charlotte has been eager to get back into the studio to record some of the new tracks she has written since finishing For Kenny. When she is not playing shows, Charlotte will be holed up in DROP IN Music's recording studio in the south west of France, a stones throw from the beach. 

Despite her folky, soulful sound, Charlotte admits that her musical influences are far reaching. Growing up in Blackburn with a half-Malawian/half-Indian mum and an Irish father, she was exposed to all kinds of sounds. 

My dad was in the Merseybeats for a while and he was even on Top of the Pops. He was very involved in the Liverpool music scene, so he has taught me a lot. And on my mum's side were the old soul records she used to love playing. So the house was always filled with music, be it James Taylor, Aretha Franklin or Talking Heads. I was also in love with Freddie Mercury when I was younger! He was my idol, and still is. I take so many different genres on board, but my own sound is romantic and fun, with a lot of energy. 
She continues: Addicted is one of my favourite tracks to play live, and is about me liking somebody but not wanting to admit it. Charlotte filmed the video for Addicted in one day, across her hometown.