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Born in 2007, this French quartet armed with the enigmatic yet apt name The Popopopops, woke up a dormant town. Brought up on an eclectic diet of 80's British classic's, offering an irresistible combination of catchy melodies and layers of sincere depth, they have their hometown marching to the beat of their drums.

Discovered during the Transmusicales of Rennes 2008, and catapulted into the International scene by Eurosonic Festival 2009, they continue to evangelize through electrifying live shows. Building on this reputation The Popopopops have gone on to perform at the Paris Zenith in support of Pony Pony Run Run, and have received awards such as the CQFD Les Inrocks prize. Returning to their roots in 2011 to write new material The Popopopops have, through reassessing their broad influences (Talking Heads, New Order, Foals, Whitest boy Alive, A Tribe Called Quest), accomplished a complex and mysterious alchemy in the production of their new EP A Quick Remedy, out in May 2012.

The EP opens with ‘My Mind is Old' an expression of The Popopopops' romantic genetic make up, a melodious incantation built upon haunting vocals. Followed by ‘Colors'; exhibiting bittersweet energy and bearing the fingerprints of Gaetan Réchin (Pony Pony Run Run). Leading on to ‘R'n'R' the insistent yet soothing Zappaesque ode to Rock n Roll. Finally tied together by ‘Wavelength'; featuring hypnotic rhythms with diffuses concentric vibrations offering a tranquil crescendo for ‘A Quick Remedy'.
Re-emerging into the somewhat wet, gloomy yet bubbling Breton Music scene The Popopopops display an edgy and sophisticated spectrum of emotions, ‘A Quick Remedy' experienced as a ray of sunshine kissing the cold water. Written by Anne Angelini and translated by David Wood.