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Between live rock'n'roll and a DIY home studio, Ultra Orange is back with new titles that announce the release of a new album within the year. As of 2007 and the release of the album, Ultra Orange & EmmanuellePeter Emerywrote and produced the album Lou Lesage released in late 2011.

We didn't hear him sing much, just noticed in galleries during the exhibitions of his disintegrated collages of images made from strips of tape. Being so adept at collage is something that his music reflects, in such a
recognisable guitar sound, cracked and minimal, stories of skeletons, monsters and freaky creaturesThe animal has been taken out of the context of his fable/studio with his teeth clenched on influences of Rock-Motor-Psychobsessions. 

He formed Ultra Orange already seeking an unlikely and visionary collage between fuzz and electronic vinylsnearly 20 years ago now. He built his studio and, out of  necessity, he became a producer that dabbles in a bit of everything, between film soundtracks, discs licked for carnal female performers or live performances with UltraOrange and their geometric formations like his brand of fabrique-factory; be it solo, in a groupor almost alwaysaccompanied by his partner Gil Lesagearmed with his noisy Larseneuse guitarAs in some of his lyricshe settledin a desert, without trying to cross itbut in order to extract shadows and light from it, the hidden faces, the in-between, in meteorite grooves of indie-fined pop, cut by a rough diamond stylus to draw us into his dance.