Miki "Da Cat" Dora, was an iconic Malibu surfer of the 1950s. He had a unique style, in and out of the water, and was generally considered rather iconoclastic.

"... If you took James Dean’s cool, Muhammad Ali’s poetics, Harry Houdini’s slipperiness, James Bond’s jet-setting, George Carlin’s irony and Kwai Chang Caine’s Zen, and rolled them into one man with a longboard under his arm, you’d come up with something like Miki Dora, surfing’s mythical antihero, otherwise known as the Black Knight of Malibu..."

He broke down surfers into 4 categories : punks, kooks, freaks and The Dedicated Nothing...


The Dedicated Nothing was created in December of 2010 in the South West of France near Biarritz, France, with one common goal: play and create music and avoid covers. With Greg on lead vocals and guitars, Clément on back vocals and guitars, Matt on back vocals and bass and Franck on drums, their first song “Running Away” was born, and sealed the dynamic of what became the band’s trademark: spontaneous, raw and never over-thought.

In summer 2011, the band decided to set-up their own first live gig for a summer party at home, where they were spotted by Drop In label.

A new collaboration with Drop In label and studios allowed them to record at their state-of-the-art studio with Parisian sound engineer, Ken Ploquin. A raft of frenetic indie-rock classics were born including Love Me Girls, Aint Got Words, and Here We Are. All set to launch on February 25th, 2013, The Dedicated Nothing are sure to seduce you.

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