Beautiful and talented, Lili Fint’s soulful voice comes as an exquisite surprise to her youthful exuberance. Having been a singer and songwriter from a young age, her lyrics have a paradoxical vulnerability that her confident presence betrays.


Born as Justine Mauvin, Fint always wanted to go back to her mother’s initial choice of her name – Lily. Fint came from the Irish word ‘Eilifint’, aka Elephant, whose characteristics of gentle strength are deeply resonated within her. 


Lili Fint was discovered as a model and surfer for the brand Roxy. Set in the same Basque landscape, Drop In label noticed Fint’s unique sound. Recording at one of Europe’s best sound studios was just another perk for her, where she recorded 4 of her original tracks with ace sound engineer Ken Ploquin – Come Over Here, Mistake, For You, and Whatever.


Fint’s music has a folksy vibe deriving from pop-folk sounds such as KT Tunstall, Fleetwood Mac, Alicia Keys and legendary influences such as Joan Baez, Queen, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles. A lover of travel and adventure, she hopes that her experiences will keep taking her on a journey to find and evolve her own sound.