The spacious studio is HP wired, allowing the amplifier head to go in the control room and the amp speakers to go in the studio. Top of the range am- plifiers from Marshall, Vox, and Fender join Ampeg and Orange. A fleet of quality instruments including a Gretsch USA signature series drum kit (the only one in Europe), Fender guitars and basses, and two Gibson Lespaul and SG guitars.

Not to mention a comprehensive selection of DPA Braumer, Neumann, Beyer, AKG, Sure and Electronic Voice microphones to meet a multitude of musical requirements.

The studio boasts two amplifier isolation booths so you can play bass, drums, and guitar simultaneous- ly without the amps feeding into the drum mics.

Nothing is left to chance: Silent heating and air conditioning systems have also been installed in the studio, so there is no interference with recordings.

With an impressive list of sound equipment and a leading sound engineer in the driving seat... there's enough to interest countless bands and musicians.